What We Believe

We take great pride in caring for your child and making sure that their physical, social, emotional, and educational needs are met. Our objective is to make every child feel good about themselves and their attempts. We have adopted a loving, caring, comfortable, edifying, and non-threatening environment that makes Young Einsteins Academy a safe haven for children!

Children at Young Einsteins Academy will not only learn, but be taught to apply what they’ve learned to new situations in their young lives. Every child is able to achieve success, just not at the same time, and not in the same way. The educational resources and materials used will be tailored to meet your child’s individual needs. We believe that, “If you give a child a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach a child to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

Hours of Operation

Open: 6:30 am

Close: 5:30 pm

Days of Operation: Monday-Friday, Year-Round